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Villand Turkey
Villand Turkey
Wärmedämmung Wärmedämmung Wärmedämmsysteme
Wärmedämmsysteme Wärmedämmsysteme Wärmedämmsysteme

Exterior heat insulationor better known in sector literatureas coating, basicly means not letting heat to enter from outside to inside and protecting the heat inside of the properties by just like a coat to wear. In other words, covering the properties with insulation purpose materials. Technically, it is a kind of insulation on the exterior surface of the buildings to reach desired necessary heat insulation co-efficient without forming any heat bridges. The components used in coating are appropriate choosen heat insulation boards, special purpose pegs to fix the boards to the surface, special adhesive mortar and plaster to stick the boards to the surface, fibre net to increase plaster resistance and PVC edge profiles with net to be used at the corners.
Coating steps shortly are ; first heat insulation boards are applied to the surface by using cement based latex added adhesive mortar.
The second step is fixing the boards with special plastic pegs.
As a following steps first layer plaster, special plaster net and final layer plaster is applied one on the other in turn in order.
The final step is painting or coating process.


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